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Feed Division

Wynnstay are a major supplier of feeds and nutrition products for all species of livestock in Wales, and the Midlands counties extending south to the M4 corridor and have feed sales in excess of 300,000 tonnes of compound and blended feeds. Our nutrition technologies suit the specific needs of our diverse array of customers and we offer the scope and creativity to serve the unique needs of each customer. We can demonstrate a documented, systematic quality assurance programme which includes UFAS accredited plants.

Wynnstay purchase many home-grown ingredients and as such, remain a large user of locally grown cereals and pulses. The sales team ensures all customer needs are met efficiently and offer professional farm advice on balancing your home grown feeds. The technical support team has access to the most modern tools available, helping customers manage their business and target high productivity responses from their investment in our feeds. Wynnstay Feeds are built on a reputation of proud traditions and superior performance, as expansion continues into new areas the same values will remain as the hallmark of Wynnstay.

The Feed Division, which operates two compound feed mills and one blending plant, offers a full range of animal nutrition products to the agricultural market. The location of the mills allows for logistically efficient delivery of our products throughout our trading area, third party mills are also used to satisfy additional seasonal and geographic requirements. Both mills are multi species allowing the business to provide a broad range of products to service the requirements of ruminant and monogastric animals.

Glasson, which operates from Glasson Dock near Lancaster has traditionally been a raw materials trader and fertiliser blender. Glasson’s activities now include the packaging of added value products supplied to specialist animal feed retailers. The business is also involved in a joint venture, FertLink, which has production facilities at Birkenhead and Goole.


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