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Digital Farm Walk


Join us on the 22nd of April from 10 am for the Digital Farm Walk hosted by AgriWebb

With all the UK farming events being cancelled, AgriWebb wanted to give farmers the space and opportunity to still come together and share knowledge. 

That’s why they are bringing you the Digital Farm Walk: eight online sessions to give you a virtual peek over the fence of what other farmers are up to, plus what’s happening in the industry. We hope you’ll join for a session or two, and a beer from afar at the end of the day!



10 am: Welcome! Industry update and #sharingtheload 

John Mercer - Director at NFU Cymru 

Emma Picton-Jones - Founder of DPJ Foundation

11 am: A peek over the fence at Rhiwgriafol 

Rhidian Glyn - Owner and Manager

12pm: Live in the moment - supply chain update 

Caroline Mason - Head of Agriculture at Co-op Food

1 pm: A peek over the fence at Kaiapoi

Rob Hodgkins - Owner

2 pm: The future of animal nutrition 

Bryn Hughes - National Beef and Sheep Expert at Wynnstay 

David Howard - Head of Dairy Technical Services at Wynnstay

3 pm: Improving your farm finances with cloud-based tools 

Nick Barraclough - Partner Success Manager at Figured

4 pm: What is AgriWebb? A live demo + case study

Beth Cambidge - Customer Success Manager at AgriWebb

5 pm: Farming tales & virtual beers 

Michael Blanche - The Pasture Pod

Gareth Davies - Gareth's Grassland Advisory Services

Huw Davies - Llandre

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