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New Wynnstay Premier Range supports performance year round


Driving efficiency from forage utilisation is becoming ever more important in underpinning farm profitability.  To ensure that we support our customers in their efforts to achieve this through maximising output, whilst minimising inputs, we have developed a new range of low moisture, controlled intake lick buckets. 

The Wynnstay Premier Range of buckets are all ultra-high specification, low moisture licks to help ensure your stock receive the correct balance of energy and protein with added minerals, vitamins and trace elements to complement forages, not replace them. They have been specifically formulated to help ensure livestock remain healthy and thriving throughout the year, all in a controlled intake form to keep costs down and performance up. 

Wynnstay Premier Energy is a high energy, highly palatable low moisture lick with additional protein compared to competitor energy products. Wynnstay Premier Energy also contains essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, including vitamins B1 and B12 plus high levels of vitamin E to support growth rates, fertility and health. This makes it ideal for breeding sheep before and during tupping, as part of flushing, as well as throughout pregnancy to lambing to help enhance forage value and help balance nutrition. Cattle at all stages can also be offered Wynnstay Premier Energy to support improved performance through increased intakes and digestibility of forage rations. 

Wynnstay Premier Cattle Mag is a highly palatable, low moisture controlled intake high magnesium lick for use where there is an increased risk of staggers (or can be used for dry cows in the run up to calving), Wynnstay Premier Mag also contains essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, including copper to support health and fertility. 

Wynnstay Premier Cattle Booster completes the range – a highly palatable low moisture, controlled intake lick for cattle only.  Ideal for bulling cows and heifers to help optimise fertility, as well as all classes of dairy and beef cattle from youngstock to adult animals that are housed on high forage rations, or during the grazing season to support performance through increased intakes and digestibility of forage. Wynnstay Premier Booster contains a balance of high sugar and 15% crude protein, with added essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins to support growth rates, fertility and health, helping stock to achieve target growth rates. 

The new range of buckets are available at Wynnstay Stores and Wynnstay Agricentres, alternatively view the range online here.