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Wynnstay products help dairy farmers maximise youngstock potential


Dairy farmers are being given the chance to maximise the potential of their youngstock thanks to two innovative products being showcased by Wynnstay at this year’s Livestock Event.


Giving calves the right nutrition at the start of their lives is vital to helping them stay healthy and maximise growth rates in their first weeks, ensuring they become more productive and profitable in later life.


To achieve this, Wynnstay has developed WynnGold Turbo Start, a precisely formulated milk replacer designed to help fast-growing calves get the nutrients they need to thrive.


Turbo Start contains highly digestible oils and a high percentage of dairy proteins, as well as high levels of vitamins  to satisfy the requirements of fast-growing calves.


The easy-mixing milk replacer is suited to all bucket and most automatic transponder calf feeders, and when fed at least twice per day can help farmers make the most of their animals’ growth potential. It is highly recommended for high genetic potential Holstein heifers and Channel Island breeds which benefit from good quality protein.


To help calves consume the quantities of milk they need, Wynnstay will also be showcasing the Heatwave milk warmer at the Livestock Event at the NEC in Birmingham on 8 and 9 July.


Developed by husband and wife calf rearers Alan and Gill Dickson, Heatwave is an automatic warming system which allows up to 30 calves to feed ad lib.


Traditional once-a-day feeding, sees animals given large amounts of milk which could potentially flood the digestive system and lead to scours. In contrast, feeding ad lib encourages calves to behave more naturally and feed little and often, giving better digestion.


Warming the milk using Heatwave encourages very young calves to drink more in the colder months, helping them consume at least six litres of milk each day which is needed to maximise growth and stay healthy.


“Feeding cold milk ad lib from a bucket with a teat bar is fine in the summer, but once temperatures drop below 10°C you don’t get the intake you need to ensure healthy calves,” says Mrs Dickson, Wynnstay’s National Calf Specialist.


“Heatwave is a cost-effective way of helping calves get the nutrients they need during the first 40 days of their lives when their feed conversion rates are at their highest.”


“Giving them 24-hour access to milk and ensuring you get healthy calves is considerably cheaper than having to treat them with medicines when they become ill,” she adds.


“Plus research has shown that animals given 900g instead of 500g of milk powder in their first weeks go on to produce an average 800 litres extra milk in their first lactation.”


Mrs Dickson says the system has the biggest potential for dairy farmers who want to make the most of their bull calves.


“Many bull calves have the genetic potential to put on over a kg/day in the first four weeks of life, but feeding them once or twice a day is just not maximising that potential.


“If you have an ad lib system they can consume 12 to 15 litres a day. We have a client who has been using it for his bull calves and they have gone up two grades since using the system, so it certainly makes financial sense.”


The system will also be of interest to sheep and goat farmers who want a low labour system and to ensure their animals have plenty of milk at the start of their lives, she adds.


“The system is so simple, its considerably cheaper than a computerised feeding system, and it gives plenty of flexibility from a labour perspective.


“Taking the initiative to feed youngstock better and more naturally in the first few weeks of their lives is not only more humane but will also reap financial benefits in the long run.”




Notes to editors


Heatwave and TurboStart will both be on show on Wynnstay’s stand at the Livestock Event, held at the NEC in Birmingham on 8 and 9 July. Wynnstay calf experts will also be on hand to discuss the products.


For more information contact Wynnstay on 01691 828512 or email


Wynnstay Group was founded in 1917 by a group of tenant farmers, formally becoming a farming co-operative shortly afterwards. Now publicly listed company on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) the group has two main divisions, focusing on specialist retail and agricultural supply, and employs a host of experts across many farming specialisms to support its customers and keep the business at the leading edge of development in the sector.


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