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Wynnstay Humphrey Feeds & Pullets

Wynnstay Humphrey Feeds & Pullets - a leader in the poultry feed sector

In March 2022, Wynnstay acquired Humphrey Feeds & Pullets. In 2023 the poultry offering of Wynnstay combined with Humphrey Feeds & Pullets to form Wynnstay Humphrey Feeds & Pullets, bringing together two leading businesses in the poultry sector to offer the best package of products, services and advice for our customers.

Wynnstay Humphrey Feeds & Pullets are a leader in the UK’s poultry feed sector, feeding over 10% of free-range laying hens. The team is dedicated to offering our poultry customers industry-leading advice to ensure the success of their poultry enterprise.


Housing a well-reared robust pullet is the foundation of a successful laying cycle. Wynnstay Humphrey Feeds & Pullets is a point-of-lay pullet supplier and rears day-old chicks to 16 weeks of age, working with all commercial breeders focusing on breeds specifically for the free-range and organic sectors.

Organic Poultry Feeds

Wynnstay Humphrey Feeds & Pullets are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of organic poultry feed, providing our customers with an extensive range of organic diets for all poultry. As specialist organic poultry feed suppliers, the business really understands what flocks need.

Speciality Market

Wynnstay Humphrey Feeds & Pullets are the UK’s largest supplier of feeds for the speciality market, feeding around 75% of the UK’s premium egg supply.